Link registration form

Use this form in case of registration of your link ALxxF MPxxx or AL80GE.

Your warranty will be extended for additional 12 months in case of correct filling of the form below. You will receive written notice about warranty extension to the filled e-mail address. Please attach that notice to the RMA in case of sending your equipment to repair.

Registration must be done not later than 30 days after your invoice date. Later registration will not be taken into consideration.

Warranty can be extended in the following countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Macedonia, Netherlands, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

List of the countries is subject to change.

  1. Enter the serial number from the ODU label (six digits)

  2. Write an address or coordinates

  3. Enter the serial number from the ODU label (six digits)

  4. Write an address or coordinates

  5. Write value in meters

  6. Write the company name

  7. ..

  8. ..

  9. Write the ALCOMA or ALCOMA seller invoice number

  10. Select your ALCOMA seller

  11. If you selected ´´Other company´´ in previous point

  12. Write the name of your company and other information below

  13. Contact person phone

  14. Contact person email

  15. Fill in case you want to receive the copy of filled form

Information filled in this form is collected only for ALCOMA internal use.