» Specification

ALCOMA AL80LP is a professional full-duplex 80GHz link with fiber-like capacity. Compact full-outdoor design and direct antenna mount ensure fast deployment, easy maintenance and great reliability. The only inside part is the unique terminal box used for power feeding, data connection and overvoltage protection so you can rely on uninterrupted service under all climatic conditions.


AL80LP is cost-effective solution especially designed for backhaul, last-mile and business broadband delivery particularly useful for internet service providers, TELCO operators, telematics, security, private networks etc.

Reasons why to buy AL80LP:

  • free or lightly licensed, uncongested band
  • pencil beam antennas
  • high sensitivity and interference immunity
  • fiber-like capacity
  • 5 years warranty
  • guaranteed availability of spare parts
  • advanced management and monitoring system for all links in network
  • built-in surge protection in ODU and in terminal box
  • up to 19 links at one POP without any interferencies, remote channel tunning
  • excellent price/performance ratio


  • License free or lightly licensed 80 GHz band (71-76 / 81-86 GHz)
  • Bandwidth 250/500/1000MHz
  • Full-Outdoor design
  • IPTV friendy
  • MTU 10240 byte
  • up to 2xGbE (cooper) and 1xSFP socket
  • User capacity 1150Mbps
  • QoS, FEC, Interleaving
  • Digital signal proccessing
  • AES 256bit encryption
  • NMS interface may be separated from user data traffic, in band or out of band management
  • Network protocols without any limitations, VLAN, QoS, QinQ...
  • Port Shutdown
  • SNMP support
  • Built-in Gigabit L2 switch


  • Business Broadband Delivery
  • Wireless, LTE Backhaul
  • Video Surveillance Connectivity
  • Metro networks
  • Last mile / FO backup